Go to our retail shop to buy our products per pax / 100 pairs. Perfect for those who looking great quality shoelaces in small quantity.


How to Purchase

Step 1

Choose our Retail button on the menu to open up sidebar, and choose Shop.

Step 2

Choose your preferred type of shoestrings.

Step 3

Then, choose your preferred type of color, length & quantity. Please mind that different length has different price. Then click add to cart.

Step 4

You will see a notification once your product is successfully added to your cart. You can continue shopping, or go to cart to checkout.

Step 5

If you choose checkout, you will need to fill your billing details. We will calculate your shipping fee for you. If you have trouble, please contact us through contact form. Please check your order once more before proceeding to checkout.

Step 6

You will see that your order has been successfully ordered, you also will receive order details at your email. You will need to complete your purchase by transferring your payment to said account bank on order details.


Please transfer your payment with your invoice number on transfer note ( optional ) to :


Bank BCA

Malvin halim

Step 7

After you finish your payment, please confirm your order at our payment confirmation page. Please attach your screenshoot of your payment if you able.

Step 8

Thats it! Just wait for your order to arrive on your doorstep ! We will be waiting for your next purchase !

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